VIP72 is not much compatible nor does it unblock different streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and others. Therefore, I don’t recommend this VPN service to valued netizens. You can pay $9.00, $25.00, $265.00 to avail its weekly, monthly and yearly pricing plans.

Vip72 Client and Proxifier tutorial - YouTube Jun 23, 2018 Anyone had problems with VIP72? | BlackHatWorld Don't support botnet proxy providers. VIP72 an obvious botnet proxy provider. When you use their client to access their trojaned proxies, how can you tell that after your subscription has ended; it's likely that your computer will be part of their botnet as well, you just don't notice it. Nov 29, 2012 #8 proxygo Jr. VIP. How To setup vip72 Client and Proxifier [Explained] - YouTube Jan 23, 2016

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Jul 21, 2019 · It was said that this is the must have subscriber for all carders. However, due to it’s popularity, it has been watched by many entities. Around 60% of proxies are blacklisted and VIP72 has been watched by many Antivirus companies and security companies due to it’s popularity . VIP72 has more than 25,000 IPs from over 130 countries. STATUS: UP

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