How to remove Galaxy S4 shortcuts. Say that you put the shortcut on the wrong screen. No problem. You can press and hold it, and then drag it left or right until it’s on the screen you want. Taking a shortcut off your Home screen is simple. Press and hold the shortcut on the screen. A garbage can icon will appear at the top of the screen.

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Galaxy Note 4: 15 Helpful Tips, Tricks, and How Tos

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23 Galaxy Note 4 tips and tricks you'll wish you'd tried

How to add Galaxy S7 camera mode shortcut to home screen? This means for any of the camera modes (including the pre-installed camera modes, and Galaxy S7 camera modes downloaded and installed by you), you can add a shortcut in Galaxy S7 Home screen. If you tap the shortcut icon in Galaxy S7 home screen, it will start camera app, and at the same time switch to the corresponding mode.. For example, if you use Pro mode very often, you can add it to Home Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and four other things to expect at 1 day ago · The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra meanwhile (which is looking more likely to launch than the Note 20 Plus) is rumored to have the same chipset and refresh rate, but a …