X-Forwarded-For is a HTTP header, HTTP is a layer 7 protocol. I never heard about X-Real-IP but according to the name I think this is an HTTP header too. If you want to modify this header for privacy, you're wrong as it does not mask your real IP which is the source of the TCP stream.

Security team would like to collect the logs with the real IP for any future investigation for a compromised account. In most cases, Exchange services are published through a load balancer and servers are behind the load balancers. When Exchange is load balanced at layer 7, it will become non-transparent. Forwarding Visitor’s Real-IP in Nginx Proxy/Fastcgi You can fix real-ip andREMOTE_ADDR by adding a line like below to your backend nginx-config: set_real_ip_from; Make sure you replace with REMOTE_ADDR value that was being received originally. It is IP of proxy-nginx as seen by backend-nginx. Nginx restore real IP address when behind a reverse proxy May 07, 2020

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